Product offer

Being a leading-edge iGaming provider, at Veli services we steadily enhance our product portfolio with continuous innovations providing cutsomers with first-class industry solutions


Personalization drives the business forward. We use machine learning to provide a personalized experience and offers for every user. Through emails, recommendations and online rating you can make a unique offer for every single user with these ready-to-use features

CRM system

We provide a flexible and customizable solution for contacting customers via e-mails, SMS services, and phone calls. All communication information is saved and accessible anytime. Also, we provide CRM based analytics to keep you updated and speed up the process of business decision making.


Veli Services’s platform possesses proprietary systems to perform KYC, AML, age verification, and fraud detection protocols.


We use machine learning to reduce fraud, protect online businesses, and increase revenue. It is simple to use, an integrated feature for fraud detection and protection of your business.

Data security

TLS for API consumers. Both HTTP and Kafka data transfer are protected by encrypted data layer. Sensible runtime data is kept within special secret storage. Docker secrets mechanism hides sensible data from external users only providing access to trusted services. Asymmetric encryption is used for passwords and other data. Authentication keys are unique for each user, thus preventing data compromise in case of a single key leak. Rely on robust 3rd party solutions like Hashicorp Valve for working with sensible data.

BI and realtime analytics – as it is today

Data is the new gold. This feature answers all types of operational questions you will have. We provide a real-time analytical platform fed by multiple data sources to configure, manipulate, and analyze your important data. The data is stored in DWH (Data Warehouse) and has the best integrated BI tool (Tableau) on the market to get business insights. Increase your business efficiency with this handy and convenient tool to get even more results from your business than you expected.


We provide hosting and maintenance of all resources by cloud-based technologies on our side.

B2B support 24/7

Benefit from the ready-to-operate platform with our full set of 24/7 services and support. Contact us at any time with any questions.

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